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Linzi - Jan 30, 2019

“THE Coat”: Is the Orolay Jacket Really All That?

I saw an adorable mom wearing this super-stylish coat in Rittenhouse Square a couple weeks ago and thought to myself, this might be the ONE…the puffer coat I’ve been searching for! Uniqlo has provided me with a perfect basic everyday puffer, but I have been trying to find something more interesting, something more exciting — a WOW coat. After my oh-so-amazing “internetting skills” (cue Shana laughing loudly here — I am not known in this crew for my social media prowess!), I quickly found that I was not the only one who thought this was the “IT” coat. Apparently, it has been named the actual “IT” coat with over 7,000 amazing reviews on Amazon and posts all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…whoops — sorry guys, apparently I’ve been living under a rock.

**This was originally published January of 2019, but the “Amazon Coat” is still on FIRE! It is not for everyone (for various reasons), and I actually ended up deciding it was not for me, so I put together a list of alternatives HERE. I can see through the analytics, though, that folks are still searching like crazy for the actual Amazon coat. So…below is my review from earlier in the year with updated links, updated colors, and updated similar coats at the bottom. If this coat is not for you (for whatever reason), check out this post of 12 Great Alternatives to the Amazon Coat.

My Honest Review Of The Orolay Down Coat

The Look

I love the look! I’m 5’2 and have always been nervous to try oversized coats. I’ve felt proportionally they’re better on taller folks or people with Shana’s legs (which maybe they are), but I think this one works! The reviews say the same thing…that somehow this coat works on a lot of different body types. I realize that it’s maybe not the MOST flattering coat on me ever, but I’m pretty much over the whole “ONLY wear things that are flattering” thing. I’ve definitely moved on to “If you like it and it brings you joy when you see it, wear it boldly!” (You like how I’m randomly just quoting myself now?)

The Color

I’ve been trying to branch out from the basic black puffer, but black is so easy and chic. I also have these new black boots that I love, and I like the black coat with them. This coat has just enough interest with the pockets and zippers and shape that I’m totally okay with the black. In some ways, I think the black shows off the details even more, but it comes in four other colors shown above (I especially like the green and navy.) Laura has the green, and it looks awesome on her! **Added note as of 11/19: They now offer a red and metallic version too! And Fadshow (who makes an almost identical coat) offers 13 colors!!! Including some cool color block options. **

The Fit

I got an XS. Although it’s a tiny bit snug in the hips, there are so many zippers that I easily adjusted the fit. I unzipped the side zippers a bit — and perfect. I like the way everything else fits, so I’m glad I didn’t size up. Note: I also ordered the Fadshow Brand of the coat, and it was EXACTLY the same coat except it was a tiny bit bigger. The XS still fit the same way up top, but gave me a tad more room in the hip area, and I didn’t have to unzip the sides at all. **Update as of 11/29: Fadshow also has plus sizing.


I went for a walk around the neighborhood with a regular sweater underneath in ten-degree weather, and this coat was pretty darn warm. My face and fingers were COLD (I didn’t bring the right gloves), but my core was toasty. The puffer part of the coat is actually fairly thin, but it’s warm. I mean not Canada Goose warm, I’m assuming, but it’s also only $139.99 instead of $1,050…so there’s that.

The Hood

Comfy, cozy, warm, and I like the white that frames the face. You can also unsnap the hood and make it open up a little more on the sides to do a “wing thing”. Or leave them snapped for a more traditional hood fit (as seen below).

The Zippers

I really like the look of ALL the fun zippers (that’s one of the things that makes this coat so great), but the zipper quality isn’t fabulous. It’s fine, but definitely not amazing. For me, the zippers have been zipping up and zipping down (which is their job, right?), but you can easily tell when you do your first zip that they don’t glide like a dream.

My Overall Opinion of “The Coat”

I love this coat! I have to be honest, though. I haven’t taken the tags off yet, even though I find myself reaching for it every time I get ready to walk out the door. I WANT to wear it. I REALLY want to wear it. One of the main things holding me back is its popularity. I don’t know if I’m an “IT” coat kind of gal. I like following fashion. I like shopping. I like wearing things that look put together and cute or fun. But, I don’t consider myself very “IT”. What if, however, the “IT” item is super-comfortable, super-cute, fits my personal style, and I love it? A good thing is a good thing, right? As the newest member of the TME team, I’ve already (reluctantly, but then oh-so-happily) been converted to loving Julians and Sorel Wedges…a good thing IS a good thing.

I will say this. If nothing else…this has totally motivated me to try other oversized coats (if I end up not keeping this one). I like the look WAY more than I thought I would, and am excited about trying something that so easily adds a current look to my wardrobe.

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