Do not wash frequently: all the fillers in the down jacket are down. On the one hand, the down will “run out” through the needle, or the pile will form into a ball, which will affect its warmth. On the other hand the face of down jacket is some is waterproof, often wash the service life that affects its outer layer, some can affect the beauty of down jacket.

  • Dry cleaning: the down jacket is not marked as non-dry cleaning, or can be marked as dry cleaning, which can be cleaned when there are serious stains, but should be sent to a professional dry cleaning shop for cleaning, to avoid damage to the down jacket caused by unqualified or inferior dry cleaning procedures and detergents.
  • Washing: especially marked duvet, which cannot be dry-cleaned, can be washed when there are serious stains, but it must be washed by hand, because the dehydration process of machine washing will damage the duvet.