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OROLAY, founded in 2012 by Kevin Chiu, is a brand focusing on producing and selling fashionable and affordable down jackets.

Establishing a fashion brand beloved by people throughout the world was, is and will always be OROLAY’s chief purpose.

OROLAY has never sought to define fashion because it is everchanging. OROLAY amplifies trends, making them accessible to many and in turn, acts as a catalyst for creativity and style.

Fashion can be quite changeable, but fashion products need to stand the test of time. Thus, basing on the principle of building affordable fashion with high-end quality, OROLAY not only pays attention to research and develop new products, but also maintains and improves old ones. Valued customer feedback is the driving force of our continuous improvement, which we value a lot.

We quite appreciate the reputation and resources we've received so far. It is when we climb higher that we see farther. By maintaining high standards in business practices like offering a flexible supply chain, attentive sales support, and streamlined logistics, OROLAY strives for the best. “Chances favor the minds that are prepared. ” OROLAY will always be in its best condition to meet you.


 Adopting German intelligent washing machine, the down we adopts had been undergone 34 washing processes: the first 8 procedures are to remove dust and impurities, 16 cleaning procedures next are to remove grease and 10 rinsing procedures are to remove protein lastly.

The down has already been removed odor by high temperature and pressure sterilization above 130 ℃. Every process is intended to enable customers to be rest assured. In addition, with 1000mm ultra high cleanliness, it is pure and free from foreign smell.


90% Pure White Duck Down

The down to feather ratio of OROLAY’s down jackets are all 90/10. 90% high quality pure white duck down provides better thermal insulation and makes clothes even more soft and comfortable.

YKK Zipper

YKK has a reputation unrivaled in the fashion industry as a result of its excellent quality. Due to the concern for customer feedback, zipper has always been the point that orolay wants to improve. Thus, we’ve applied YKK zipper on some of our new products and we’ll continue to gradually maintain and improve our products in the future.

Faux Fur

OROLAY insists on adopting faux fur as raw material. Faux fur has good thermal performance and high simulation effect and is easy to process. More than anything, the use of faux fur has greatly reduced the killing of animals, which means a lot in aspect of humanitarian care.

Product Upgrade

As we’ve mentioned all along, OROLAY attaches great importance to improving the material and durability of old products. Take classic item 092(which is also known as "the Amazon Coat") as an example, we have updated the fabric to be more waterproof and wrinkle resistant as well as added the design of fur collar.


For clothing, utility is indispensable. In designing clothes, we increase the practicality of clothes through clever ideas,such as adding side zippers or interior pockets. In the fabric, we pay attention to increase the waterproof and windproof performance. All those detail info can be found in the shopping page.


Fashion can be pricey and exclusive, but what OROLAY wants to provide is affordable fashion with high quality. Most of our products are under $150. Through irregular coupons, discounts, festival benefits, etc., you can even get a chance to find more cheap and fine surprises. So follow us closely, don't miss the chance!

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