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Orolay Women's Glossy Thick Hooded Jacket Stand Collar Parka OWD1063W

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Orolay Women's Glossy Thick Coat Parka Outdoor Hooded Jacket Stand Collar

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Fabric of grey: 72% polyamide, 28% polyester
Lining of grey: 100% polyester
Fabric & Lining of other colors: 100% polyamide

Stand Collar with removable hood
Slim decorative stitching
Windproof zipper closure
Waist-hugging design to highlight your curves
2 side zip pockets to put stuffs

The windproof zipper is perfect for protecting against strong winds and bad weather as well as locking the heat.

Removable big hood with buckle on back can help you to complete cold weather protection, keep you away from heavy rain and freezing snow.

S shape on Waist design will better to show your curves and temperament

The geometric stitching design makes you look not at all bloated.

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