What We Do



Personal Shopping

In our store, you can find many clothes and bags you loved. All of those products are delicate and unique, we believe you will be satisfied when you receive them. By the way, you don’t have to worry about the deliver problems, we will send your items by ups/fedex/usps.

Wedding Service

We have a perfect wedding dress production line, and we offer the customized service, in this way, you can get the tailor-made wedding dress. We can not only customize the size you want, but also design unique wedding dress according to your needs.

Customer Service

We mainly use email to contact our customers, but you can also contact us by calling if you have something urgent. (Any questions please feel free to contact us), we will make our effort to help our customers solve their problems.

Event Management

We will launch new products every season, and we will hold a Fashion Show for those new products. In our product launch, you can appreciate our latest products. Welcome to attend our fashion event.

Image Makeover

The remarkable design must will meet your individual needs. We can not only design those common clothes, but also can design the unique clothes which can meet your personal image. Welcome to contact us and tell us your needs.

Apparel Design

We have great clothes design team, so we are able to help you design the clothes you want. You can tell us your needs detailedly, our designers will design the appropriate clothes according to your needs.

We’re available for any project!


We Offer The Best Services

All of us put our heart into offering best service, we firmly believe that our service is excellent. We receive recognition from many customers because of our best service.

Completed Fashion Shows
Beautifully Happy Clients
All Natural Fabrics

How it Works

Something about customizing products. If you need to customize products, please think it over seriously first, and then tell us. We will analyze the product you want through the needs you tell us. And our designers will draw a design for your product promptly and give you the design. If you are not satisfied with it, please tell us, we will modify it until you are satisfied. After that, we will make a sample, and finally we will send you the product you want.


Tell us your needs detailedly, please ensure that we have enough time to communicate.


Our team will analyze your needs specially and make a design for your. During this process, we hope you can communicate with us frequently.


After confirm the design plan, our designers will design your products according to the design, please wait patiently at that time. After we get the design draft, we will contact you and confirm with you together, and finally we will confirm the design.


At last, we will produce your products according to the design, and we will send you the products later.



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